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We take what drives you - passion, desire, purpose, your “whys” - and design YOUR story.




Brian and Josie persevered to build a successful business for themselves and their family and is just as committed to doing the same for those dearest to them....military veterans. This is their story


We were excited to create this video to promote Pompette Wine Shop in Harlem, NY. It allowed Pompette to showcase its unusual location (in Harlem) and raise its profile as a specialty wine shop that only uses small vineyards and independent winemakers. The owner, who's proud that he doesn't use any big brands, is looking to open a wine bar next door.


We wanted to create a promo video that would invite people to come and experience why Canyon Ranch Miami Beach is the best place to stay and do it all... or do nothing at all. So our video showcased the lure of their beautiful facilities, luxurious amenities... and the beach, of course.


This was a soup to nuts project for us. Accounting Ally knew that they needed a company video that would capture their Who and Why. We worked with them to craft a story that speaks to their mission of helping their clients grow. From concept to scripting and delivery... mission accomplished. They loved it!


Music has always been Kristine Alicia's best language. And we thought she was the best person to speak it. With this video, we were able to authentically show the many ways she communicates musically -- in the studio, on the stage, through her recordings -- and visually express her passion for her work.


We've been creating conference videos every year for some of our clients. With these videos we get to highlight the conferences and show how they evolve. This one was created for the Women of Color Empowerment Institute.


Dental Fix Rx needed a series of videos to show potential franchisees and inspire them to buy into the business. So we produced a number of testimonial videos that not only spoke to how corporate functions and supports their franchisees... but also offered a window into a day on the job.


Here's one in a series of over 12 videos we did for this law firm. We featured one of the partners speaking passionately about how they represent all their clients. The value of this and the other videos is to give prospective clients a look into how the firm functions and turn them into actual clients by the time they reach out to them.


When For Jamaica reached out to us to create their outreach video, we jumped at the opportunity. With a mission to provide bedding for orphanages across Jamaica, this charity has such a powerful story and such a huge impact on the children they serve. We delivered a heartfelt video showing the joy of giving, the gratitude of receiving... and the privilege of being able to help. This was a great project to be a part of.


WolfCreek Consulting needed a video to highlight why they are a top-rated executive search firm – a true "small company with a big vision." We crafted a narrative that captured the collaborative culture of their company, complete with authentic footage of them hard at work for their clients.


Every business, individual and product has a story. And with each project we embrace the opportunity to help you find the best way to SHOW your story, which may not always be the obvious.

We’re storytellers... a full-service video production company that understands that there’s a uniqueness to everyone's story, there are no one-size-fits-all approach.

We collaborate closely with you to conceptualize, visualize and design your unique story to reach your audience and keep them engaged.

AyanDace Studios knows how important your story is... and why it drives what you do. Because that has been our experience.

Ours is a story of a father whose daughters Ayanna and Candace embody the best of what he produces, and represent the very best of who he is. AyanDace - a combination of their names - was created to build and preserve a legacy of high standard, combining expertise and passion to produce the very best for each client.

We are driven by people and purpose. The People - who we are and who we want to work with. The Purpose - simply, "to help you SHOW your story".



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  • AyanDace Studios did a superb job in creating a video to tell Provider One Innovative Technologies LLC's story. They really exceeded our expectations in delivering a quality final product. AyanDace's staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly customer focused. I would definitely use their services again in the future.
    — Renae Patterson, Founder/Managing Partner- Provider One Innovative Technologies
  • We can't possibly give you the backstory here on how much their creative vision and skill have contributed to lifting our public image.
    — Kathy Eggleston, WOCEC event coordinator
  • Working with AyanDace Studios has been a great experience. The staff is really professional. Their work is impeccable and they are always on time. We had very tight deadlines for our project and we received our video ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend AyanDace Studios to any business looking to have video work done on their business.
    — Jilea Hemmings-CEO/Owner, Greenie Tots
  • I think this is the best video we have done. Great job and your vision was perfect.
    — Larry Rice, Accounting Ally
  • Genuine, authentic and detail oriented are just a few words that I would use to describe Andrew's work style. I chose those in particular because they are very rare in todays marketplace when looking for good service. Andrew completed my video production project in a timely manner and was very patient with my amateurish advice, but listened to what I wanted and delivered.
    — Nathan Burrell, P.A. Real Estate Consultant at EWM Realty International